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Our 2017 in 6:08

Snow, movies, dancing, napping, reading, celebrating, lost teeth, gymnastics, kisses, date nights, Aruba, swimming, Legos, Playa Del Carmen, field trips, zoo, painting, sprinkler, cooking, meltdowns, concerts, yoga, birthdays, swim team, no training wheels, vacation bible school, Minnesota, North Dakota, open fracture, ballet camp, tea party, Opus One, basketball, total eclipse, first grade, Dom Perignon, Nashville, basketball, Gamecocks, family time, Cabo San Lucas, Arizona, Christmas…. This is our year.
Once again, I didn’t capture a video every day and had to sub in some pictures so certain moments were included. Let’s just call this a “2017 memory reel.” Which pretty much sums us up, all over the place and just short of the original intention. That’s ok, it’s more fitting that way.
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2018: The year of pull ups and a new business

Last year I laid the hammer down and set myself to six new year’s resolutions. It was ambitious for sure and like most resolutions, some went better then others but let’s review…
1) Cut the technology cord: Ooof. I started strong on this one and faded. Some days were better than others but I still need to work on this. Charging my phone downstairs so I wouldn’t scroll social media before bed was only helpful until I started setting my alarm in the morning to go to the gym. Why are old school alarm clocks so complicated to program?? I know, I know. It’s a lame excuse. This resolution gets a D+.
2) Dinnertime focus: Last January we began a grateful journal where every night at dinner we went around the table and said what we were grateful for that day and wrote it down. I love this addition to our daily routine and it’s something we will continue.
Some days I got choked up and could barely get the words out, like the day Piper hurt her toe and I was grateful for health insuranc…

A Holly Jolly Christmas in AZ

This year was an AZ Christmas for us! Even though alllllllll the Nelsons didn’t fly in for the holiday we had four very important ND Nelsons meet us in AZ which made it an extra special Christmas. There aren’t many times (or ever?) when it’s just the 11 of us and I was so, so excited to spend this Christmas together.
Let me back up a little bit – we booked our flights out of Atlanta to save a few bucks and crashed with our new most favorite Atlanta residents the night before our flight. Side note: their new house is beautiful. We squeezed in a mini-Christmas celebration with PaPa and Nana B too! Nothing like getting out of the car after 3.5 hours and being greeted with presents under the Christmas tree! Elle was super pumped she got Legos and was heart broken mom and dad wouldn't let her put it together at 9 pm when we had to get up at 4:45 am. We're the meanest parents ever.
The next morning was very early but our little seasoned travelers were troopers. We popped into the S…

Christmas happenings galore

--> Last week was full of Christmas happens, we ran around all week and my “to-do list” is still out of control but… ‘tis the season, right??
First, if you’ve ever wondered what a typical night at our house looks like, here you go. It frequently includes a fashion show and some type of dancing and musical performance. In addition to those, on this night Elle also attempted to read a story which Livi kept interrupting. This is our reality, folks.
On Tuesday, Elle had her preschool Christmas program and she did awesome! I don’t think it was by accident that Mrs. Riddle placed her in the center. She knew every word and sung it out. She even directed a little girl to her spot when she didn’t know where to stand! (This is a 100 percent unbiased review of the performance, of course.) It’s hard to believe in one year Piper will be up there singing!
On Friday, Marc and I had a Christmas party with our Sunday School class and KK took the girls to the Roper Mtn lights show. This has …


Sometimes selling tires isn’t completely awful job. You know, like when it takes you to Cabo San Lucas for four days in December. Yes, this was another “work trip” for Marc that was a lot of play in an amazing location.

So, with KK, Papa, and Nana B. covering the home front with the girls, Marc and I left on Wednesday, Dec. 13 for the Esperanza resort in Cabo San Lucas.
Not many people believe me when I tell them this isn’t a vacation. And I promise you it’s not. Kumho is a host so while yes, we are at an amazing resort, laying by an amazing infinity pool looking out at the ocean, we’re constantly making sure the customers and their guests are having a good time. Luckil, since I’ve been on a couple of these trips now we’re starting to get to know some of the people better so it’s more like reconnecting once a year.
Marc had some meetings early in the week so I graciously offered to keep the customers he wasn’t meeting with company by the pool. I’m nice like that. So, we did a tour of…