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Piper is Tougher Than You

Last Wednesday started out so wholesome. Everyone had eaten breakfast, I was making sandwiches for Livi and Elle to take to their camps and Marc and Livi were sitting at the table making friendship bracelets. Piper asked for more toast so she was back at the table finishing round two of breakfast --- that’s when the wheels fell off.
We’re not sure how but the bench at our kitchen table flipped over. This isn’t the first time this has happened and it’s usually because someone isn’t sitting on their bottom like they are supposed to. Piper fell and started crying but this is how it usually goes. I went over to her and as I leaned down to pick her up I saw a pool of blood. I’m talking a big pool. I yelled at Marc to grab me a paper towel and I held her and wrapped her toe. I told Marc we needed to go to the emergency room. He gave me the, “Erin, could you maybe be overreacting look” so I unwrapped my hand around her toe to show him the carnage. He put his hand to his mouth and said, “oh …
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Our Nine Day MN/ND Summer tour

Our annual Midwest summer pilgrimage was one for the books this year. I didn’t think we could top our trip last summer but I think we did. It was awesome and everything I could have asked for.
We wanted to spend as much time with as many people as possible so we had a very ambitious plan for the trip. This plan included five different places in nine days. I know. You could also substitute “crazy” for "ambitious" because we roll three kids deep but hear us out, each stop was for a great reason.
We flew out of Charlotte on Friday, June 30 which gave us a direct flight to Minneapolis. Luckily KK loves us a whole lot and she drove us up and dropped us off. (This also meant she drove back to Charlotte to pick us up when we came home on July 9. Like I said, she really loves us.) We fudged Piper’s birthday to try and squeak one more flight in without having to buy her a ticket but that was a mistake. She’s been interested in TV for several months so I was expecting her to happily …

Vacation Bible School, Swimming and Summer Adventures

Hi. Yes. It’s been terribly long since our last post. We just got back on Sunday from an amazing nine day MN/ND summer trip and the week prior to our trip was slammed with VBS and swim team. So, your patience for an update will be rewarded with lots of stories and pictures soon!!
But first, we could use some extra prayers for our house – yesterday we spent the day in the ER with Piper. I’ll share the full story later but she was sitting at our kitchen table bench with Livi and somehow it tipped over and the big toe on her right foot was caught underneath it. It was pretty scary and we rushed her to the ER as fast as we could. Long story short she has a broken toe and it’s considered an “open fracture” because of the wound along with it. She was one tough cookie yesterday handling the injury, the IV, the conscious sedation and recovery like a champ. We are waiting to get in to the pediatric orthopedist (luckily, we know a guy thanks to Elle) to see what this means for the rest of our …

Elle's last guppy meet and finally a weekend at home

Livi and Elle both had swim meets last week. Livi swam the 25 free, 50 free, 25 back and a 100 free relay. She even got second place in the second heat of the 25 freestyle! I was a timer for a swimmer a couple lanes over from Livi and messed up my job because I was cheering so hard for her. Whoops. Good thing there are three timers and not just one. She was so pumped to get a green ribbon. Swim team #4 video for Livi here. (Note: There is no video of the second place finish because I was supposed to be timing but it was a really exciting race.)
Eat my bubbles.
Elle had her last Guppy Meet on Saturday too. She loves swim team. Three people came up to me at the meet saying they love watching her swim because she smiles the entire time. And she does! She is either giggling or smiling the whole race and in practice too.
At the Guppy Meet, some of the girls from the “big team” set up a bake sale. Once Livi caught wind of the sale she had to be a part of it. She loves this stuff. The girl…

Nashvegas for Mom and Happy Father's Day

We’re keeping up with the swim team/swimming lessons hustle! The pace is intense but I’ve figured out a few tricks. For one thing, dropping off Livi at practice and picking her up versus letting Elle and Piper swim in the baby pool for 45 min has been key. That’s one less bathing suit and outfit change. We’ve also started packing food and staying after Elle’s swim team to swim more and eat lunch. This wears them out and saves me another mess in the kitchen to clean. Another win.
I headed to Nashville on Thursday for a girls weekend so Marc and KK handled Liv and Elle’s swim meets this week. Livi subbed in for the 8 and under medley relay to start the meet so she ended up swimming the medley relay, 25 free, 50 free, and 25 back. The relay and 25 free were pretty close to each other so she didn’t get much of a break. And Marc said it sort of looked like she forgot she had to swim back for the 50 free because she paused after 25 meters. Maybe she was just tired and needed a break? She i…